What are Flings?

Flings are earrings made of paper. Unlike diamonds, Flings are not forever. Flings are made to be sprayed with champagne, covered in mud, or dropped in a hot spring in New Mexico. Wear Flings for a special occasion or an everyday occasion that needs an extra dose of specialness.

How to wear Flings


from paper


included wires


on your ears

warning: wearing flings may invite exiciting new experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why paper?

Paper makes for statement earrings that won’t weigh down your ears or eat your paycheck. Get ‘em dirty, toss a pair to a friend, or let Flings flutter on the back of a moped without a care. Can 24 carat do that?

Made from “happy trees"? What is this, a Bob Ross painting?

Flings paper is made from a special blend of recycled materials and Forest Stewardship Council certified trees. The forests are carefully managed to produce environmental, economic, and social benefits. The paper mill is powered entirely by renewable energy like solar and wind power. Yeah, so we call them happy trees, and we think Bob Ross would, too.

How long do Flings last?

Flings will last as long as you care for them. Though don't care too much. It's a good night when you come home with one earring. 😂

Do they come with hooks?

Unlike AA batteries, silver or gold hooks are always included. After you snap your Flings, just hook, hang, and head out.

I'm sensitive to metals. Will I be allergic?

Some ears are sensitive. That’s why we earmuff Grandma when we say the F word. Flings hooks are made of plated brass and pass EU safety tests for nickel, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals.

I guess I’m not ready to have Flings after all! How do I make a return?

We’re sorry you didn’t love your Flings. Shoot a note to flings@paperearrings.com and we’ll take care of you.